Lippy Lip Lippu

Young rebels, young dustmen and juvenile fleas
Petition my architect under the sea
To scoff down my scrofulous mint galaxy
And empty a pig’s bladder over a bee

The wise horse of Mameluke munches its hay
Then hunkers down under a carnation spray
To wait for the claws of the great bird of prey
To swoop from the carnage of glorious day

The twerp in the shroud rolls his eyes with a sigh
And stretches a rabbit out over his thigh
While beastly appointments swarm into a pie
And gasp like wet maidenheads kissed by a fly

The yellow-toothed gossamered leg of Apu
Lies twitching and snuffling and then leaps anew
From the arms of a baby right into a stew
Made of camel-meat, horsehair and fresh-gathered dew

And now that it’s time for this idiot to go
Where the stars fall like coal-dust and night droops like snow
And the rings on your fingers boil like Scapa Flow
And the goblins were elders of tribes long ago
I’ll wish for a fish with a tongue like a hoe

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