A point is like a chicken pie.
A line is like a small pincushion balancing on an oak leaf.
A circle is like a ledge beneath which to shelter from the rain.
An ellipse is like a game bird.
A parabola is like an old man taking potshots at a guide dog.
A hyperbola is like the lascivious fingers of a melon-eater.
A polygon is like lips chafing against a calloused palm.
A helix is like crisscrossed donkey hairs in the eye of a frog.
A cylinder is like a loaded gun.
A hyperplane is like a jealous fig.
A Möbius strip is like an emblem of Zeus.
A dodecahedron is like a jockey in the house of love.
A hexahedron is like a griffin riding a motorbike.
An icosahedron is like a hostage in a burning barn.
An octahedron is like a tongue curled inside a snowglobe.
A tetrahedron is like a fisherman’s nipple.
A torus is like a blue tit in an electric storm.
A cone is like a delirious herald.
A sphere is like a monkey/kangaroo hybrid.
A tesseract is nobody’s friend.
A spherical cone is like Colonel Bogey.
A simplex is like an Austrian mountain hotel room.
A hypercube is like a phosphorescent mouth.
A five-cubic honeycomb is like the skin of a narwhal.
A six-cubic honeycomb is like a very impatient grandmother.
A seven-cubic honeycomb is like a sliced yellow clothesline.
An eight-cubic honeycomb is like a carousel.
A nine-demicube is like a gormless boy in a windcheater.
A ten-cube is like a sumptuous pumpkin.
A Cantor set is like an Alpine Gungadin.
A Koch snowflake is like a sleeping dachshund in a snowbound chalet.
A Mandelbrot set is like the teeth of a sand devil…

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