From Between The Spines

Beside love, patriotism and beauty, there are a series of other virtues
This is when it becomes amazingly creamy and oozy like it should be
It was to have retractable walls and floors, screens for slides and films, wind vents and special effects
Trained as an architect
To sever the stalk with the blunt knife as country cooks sever the necks of fowl –
An example had to be made. This was the first infraction
Part of the exorcism process
Bringing into play their own styles, and their own aesthetics
If the author of a manuscript is known
Even common ordinary nurses don’t look to marry labouring chaps
The buffalo women dance also at night, but no precise accounts of this have been obtained
I would I could claim a yet warmer title than a friend
The entire island seems to consist of swamp delta
Every art of divination, every love song, every invocation contains names
You never know what’s ahead, whether the enemy is lying in wait or has blow up the next bridge
This begs the question as to how the dragonfly was able to distinguish between the good and bad boys
We have purposely refrained from going into individual tragedies of which there is an abundance
Any reply has to address the overall process of creativity in the child
His legs are crossed as a sign he fought in the Crusades

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