Surrealism And Freemasonry

In the British popular imagination, freemasonry is all funny handshakes and bent coppers. It doubtless encompasses both, but it’s a lot of other things as well. Deeper things; occulted things.

Patrick Lepetit is an expert on the fascinating connections between Surrealism and freemasonry, and on 6 January he was interviewed about them on Radio France.

The 17-minute edition of the France Culture programme Aspects de la pensée contemporaine has been archived on the website of the Grand Orient de France, and you can listen to it by clicking here.

It’s in French, natch.

If you want to find out more about the topic and/or you don’t speak French, check out the chapter on freemasonry in Patrick’s compendious Esoteric Secrets of Surrealism, available in English from Inner Traditions.

(My thanks to David Nadeau for the heads-up about the France Culture broadcast.)

Image in the public domain.


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