How About A Surrealist Western?

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it shouldn’t be done. But I went ahead and did it anyway. Yes, my novel is out now – in paperback, or as a free ebook in ePub or Kindle format.

The Golden Cut

Ante up, dreamers…

Circus stunt rider TJ Breckenridge is devastated when her horse Cowhead is snatched from the big top one night. Because Cowhead is no ordinary circus animal: secret daughter of TJ’s lover, she is simultaneously horse and human. TJ hires a drifter called Cantos Can to help her find and rescue Cowhead. Together they ride out into a desert populated by weird animals, feuding mystery cults, and the remnants of a lost culture known only as the Great Invisibles. But then Cantos goes missing too… and TJ is forced to choose sides in a war where dreams are deadly weapons.

Combining hallucinatory imagery with pulp-fiction plotting, The Golden Cut is a tale of tripped-out gunslingers, puppet-headed outlaws, crystal caves, and magicians on the rampage.

Get yourself a copy in paperback, or as a free ebook in ePub and Kindle formats. Hi ho, slither away!

Book cover design © Janice Hathaway 2019

7 thoughts on “How About A Surrealist Western?

  1. Vivid imagery and powerful narrative drive creates a wide-screen cinematic experience. A midnight movie for the mind, and one I’ll be revisiting soon!

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