Negated Haiku

Under the water
High up above the dry earth
Beneath dew-soaked Mars

On a hot peace march
Fanned by an angry dance troupe
Limbless angel sucks

Dark-breathed tentacles
Howling, unicellular
Dimorphic silence

Clanging without shape
Glissando sine waves inside
The outdoor flatlines

Curly domestics
Ironing the public sphere
To a crumpled point

Sheer and meaningless
Jagged, profound, transcendent
The profane saucer

Or this holy cup
That satanic shattering
Blending with the light

Aggregates the whole of it
Classifies atoms

Levelling the field
Churning up the cobblestones
Canals soothe and fall


Image in the public domain

2 thoughts on “Negated Haiku

  1. This is nice. Thanks for sharing. I have tried to write these but the number of syllables is challenging.


    1. Thanks! It’s the first time in many years that I’ve attempted any haiku. The restriction on the number of syllables is what makes them so adapatable for Surrealist games, I think. It forces you to invent solutions that would not occur to you otherwise.

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