Don’t Miss The Surrealist Event Of The Year

The excitement reaches fever pitch, the patient swoons… The Polymorph Bodyshop comes to Atlanta, Georgia this September!

Preparations for this Surrealist game and exhibition extravaganza have been going on for months, not just in Atlanta but in the studios, workshops and grimy operating theatres of Surrealists worldwide. Now it’s nearly here, and it’s going to be the event of the year.

Here’s the blurb from the exhibition/game organisers at Peculiar Mormyrid:

There will be a geography of flesh and bone that surpasses the everyday limitations and distinctions of the world. Swedenborg called it the “Maximus Homo, The Universal Human”; Artaud pointed to the “Body without Organs”, freed from limitations. You yourself must know it: that shifting borderland between inside and outside, psychic and physical, collective and individual, human and animal, geography and cosmology…

This game and exhibition will pose the problem of surrealism and the body—not just in the nostalgic sense of exquisite corpses and headless women, but rather in asking, what does the body mean in the 21st century—and what, despite the corporeal misery of the contemporary world, could it become?

THE EXHIBITION (September 5 to 19)

The body will be assembled and displayed at a space called The Bakery in Atlanta, Georgia. We encourage all those for whom it is possible to participate in-person. There will be surrealist presentations, events, films, music and games held at various points during the exhibition period. More details to follow.

Opening: September 5th, 7-10pm
(Opening will include an improvised surrealist performance, as well as music by LaDonna Smith & Flusnoix)

Conspirators of Pleasure film screening: September 7, 7 PM – 9:30 PM

Surrealist Performance and Discussion: September 15, 5-7PM

Closing: September 19th 7-10pm

Gallery Hours: MWF; 2-6pm, Tu/Th 12-4pm, and by appointment

We look forward to dissecting (with) you!

The exhibition space is at The Bakery, 825 Warner St, Atlanta, Georgia 30310.

For updates on the events programme, keep an eye on the Polymorph Bodyshop Facebook event page.

Image and info courtesy of Peculiar Mormyrid

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