Janice Hathaway: Transmorgraphy

If you’re within striking distance of Williamsburg VA during the next few weeks, make sure you go and gorge yourself on this solo exhibition by Janice Hathaway.

Transmorgraphy is the name of an original and distinctive approach to Surrealist imagery that Hathaway has developed over many years of research and play. She combines digital virtual space with Renaissance lighting and composition to open portals onto new worlds of beauty and desire.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re already familiar with Hathaway’s imagery, if only because I was lucky enough (or pesky enough) to persuade her to do the design work for the paperback edition of my novel The Golden Cut.

But her importance to contemporary Surrealism is deep and far-reaching. She has been active in the movement since the 1970s, and in particular has been a leading light of Surrealism in the American South since the early days of the Raudelunas, TransMuseq and Glass Veal groups in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

This exhibition will be delirious. See it.

Janice Hathaway: Transmorgraphy
7 February – 14 March 14, 2020

Linda Matney Gallery
5435 Richmond Road
VA 23188

Opening reception
Friday 7 February, 5.30 – 8.30 pm
Enjoy refreshments and meet Janice Hathaway in person

Closing event and presentation
Saturday 14 March, 2.00 – 5.00 pm
See a digital presentation by Hathaway on her transmorgraphy process
Catalogues will be available.

Gallery hours
Thursday – Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm, or by appointment

John Lee Matney, curator, 757-675-6627

Image: Naturalglacé, © Janice Hathaway 2018

Take a peek behind the veil.

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3 thoughts on “Janice Hathaway: Transmorgraphy

  1. Sounds exciting. It’s only a few hours away but the family car is elderly and other transportation options are fiscally inadvisable at the moment. I will likely just have to content myself with staring into the eye on the cover of your book.

    1. Ah, what a shame you can’t get there. I’m sure she would have been tickled pink to have a Golden Cut reader show up. Which reminds me, though: I should have added a legal disclaimer to the book. I accept no responsibility for any psychotropic effects you might experience from staring into the eye for too long.

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