Bakin’ Canadians

Surrealists in Canada are smokin’ hot right now!

First up, the Ottawa Surrealist Group has run amok and released an extremely groovy little book called The Object Beautician And Other Terrors. Amok, I tell you! It contains all kinds of enquiries, declarations, texts and tantrums, plus numerous new Surrealist games of their own devising that you krazy kids can try out for yourselves. I especially recommend the Anaerobic Poems game, which has already become a firm favourite of mine (pass the smelling salts).

The Object Beautician And Other Terrors is available in paperback from Peculiar Mormyrid Press, or as a free pdf download.

And second, S.Higgins and W.A.Davison, both of the Toronto-based Recordists, have collage works in Schwitters’ Army, a group show at the Merz Gallery. There’s just time to catch it if you’re quick – it runs until 20 February:

MERZ Gallery
Queens Road

Image credits:
Totentanz, collage by S.Higgins, 2020, from The Organ Grinder’s Gazette.
Book cover image from the Ottawa Surrealist Group blog.

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One thought on “Bakin’ Canadians

  1. Thank you so much Merl! Wonderful post. I especially am happy you liked the breath holding game. If you ever get any good results and/or brain damaged scrawlings I’d love to see them!


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