March Monsters From The Myrmidons Of Mormyrid

Feeling blue? The good people at Peculiar Mormyrid Press will see you right.

With a prescience they can only have received via dark rites, on 9 March they dropped not one but two new books for your edutainment – just in time for you to take them down to your private bunker.

End Of The Railway, Beginning Of The World
by Mattias Forshage

At the far end of the railroad, the world begins. Once there, you can’t be sure which is the direction towards civilisation. Maybe it is geese or lemmings that are regular people, and you are a mad person crawling on all fours trying to negotiate a position. Maybe you are the joker in the deck. Maybe everything is perfectly normal in this ghost town outside of time. There will be landscape elements, weathers, animals, plants, food, body parts, emotions, dreams, and perhaps the lack thereof. This is the chronicle of the discovery and undiscovery of the Arctic. It is a modest chronicle of everyday life in a small town, just out of reach.

The Star Opens Slowly
by Casi Cline

Surrealist dreams, poems, and other things by Casi Cline, spanning the years 2015–2019.

Image credits:
End Of The Railway, Beginning Of The World cover image by Tori Lion
The Star Opens Slowly cover image by Casi Cline

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