Lulu Snafu Update

Further to my previous post, The Golden Cut is available again from the Lulu website – now in paperback as well as ebook.

There are still some annoying snags that Lulu have not resolved. You might find that book cover thumbnails appear distorted, or that they are not there at all. Lulu claim that (a) the covers are actually ok on the books themselves, and (b) they are going to resolve the website problem with the thumbnails soon. I’ve been hearing variations of (b) from them for weeks, on a range of problems, so I’m not holding my breath.

If you order one of my books from Lulu and find that its cover (or anything else) has turned into a dog’s breakfast, please alert me. If push comes to shove I can send you a physical copy of the book from my own shelves.

And if you want the joy of Fluination without the arse-ache of Lulu, don’t forget that my novella Origami is free to download from BookFunnel. It’s a fistful of fun, and it’s untouched by Lulu’s grubby fingers.

Thanks for your patience. I need hardly add that I will not be using Lulu again for future projects.

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