Stejskal’s Dreamdew

Here’s a pop quiz to see if you’ve been paying attention:

Which Czech Surrealist designed the alchemical tarot pack I wrote about in spring last year?

Yes, that’s right! It was Martin Stejskal. Well done you! Ten points!

The reason I mention it is that Stejskal is the focus of the latest issue of Dreamdew.

Dreamdew: Oneiric Communication is a Surrealist pdf bulletin, circulated a few times a year. As its title suggests, it’s devoted to the discussion of dreams.

The August 2020 issue – issue 23, an auspicious number if ever there was one – is devoted entirely to Stejskal. There’s a long interview with him about his experiences and understandings of dreaming, plus a string of his dream reports, and a small but thrilling selection of his images.

Dreamdew is edited by Bruno Jacobs and Sasha Vlad, with assistance from Jason Abdelhadi and Dan Stanciu. If you would like to get hold of a copy, I recommend you drop them a line at

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