New Surrealist Tarot Deck Ahoy!

There’s been a lot of buzz this year about Fulgur Press’s planned publication of Leonora Carrington’s personal tarot deck. And don’t get me wrong, I’m as excited about that as anybody.

But when news reaches my ears of a brand new tarot deck from a real live Surrealist woman, right here and now, I get even more excited. A lot more.

Many of you will already know Casi Cline as a member of the House Of Mysticum group in Atlanta, Georgia, and as a prime mover behind the journal Peculiar Mormyrid. But alongside all her other activities, the hyperactive Cline has also been designing her own tarot deck, and it’s finally ready to launch.

Here’s what she has to say about it:

I started drawing tarot cards as a way to deepen my relationship with and understanding of the characters and archetypes that people them. I went along with the fool on their journey, and together we struggled, died, were reborn, learned about life and ourselves, and started all over again. When I finally finished the 78th card, my drawings had become the Tarot of Perpetual Time. I invite you to join the fool and myself on our journey through the cycles of life.

If you are familiar with traditional tarot decks such as the Rider-Waite deck, you will easily recognize most of the major and minor arcana cards with the most notable exception of the court cards. Instead of the traditional court card imagery, I chose to use the images of sixteen non-human animals, who I felt embodied the spirits of the court cards as I perceived them. These sixteen animal cards may also be used on their own as an animal oracle deck. Another exception would be that I chose not to name any of the cards or include any instruction as to how they should be used. I would like any tarot reader who chooses to use the Tarot of Perpetual Time to form their own intuitive relationship with the cards and find their own meaning in them.

I mean, seriously. If that doesn’t make you want to get your hands on those cards, there’s something wrong with you.

Go to Casi Cline’s Kickstarter page to sign up for this magnificent project. There’s a wide range of rewards on offer, from an online tarot reading to a complete deck of your own, plus other goodies… not to mention the warm, fuzzy feeling of having done something positive to support a Surrealist woman working today.

Credits: quoted text and images all from Casi Cline’s Ephemerality website.

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