“A Living Zombie Ouija Cut-Up With Wigs And Frocks”

Yeah, that’s right, you heard me.

They aren’t my words, though. They’re the words a former band member used recently to describe The History Of Gardening.

The gentleman in question is my old SLAG comrade Paul Day. Here’s his slightly more in-depth account of his latest project:

In further modifications of the pleroma, we now have, some 23 years since the final recordings, the first official video releases from The History Of Gardening. A band whose music was badly written, poorly played and largely unlistenable.

What we lacked in skill we made up for with anger, LSD and copious amounts of reverb. As each opportunity and opening presented itself, it was attacked with the same gay abandon and reckless indifference. If we came across a nose it was removed, post-haste, with gleeful spite.

In a world where not only “pop culture” but the arduous fakery of any kind of “subculture” has finally been digested and assimilated by the demons of corporate marketing, The History Of Gardening questioned the concept of what “culture” even was.

And so it is with great excitement that, in the coming months, you will be able to enjoy visual interpretations of all your favourite The History Of Gardening songs, from perennial live toe-tappers “Tip-Toe Through Your Dog’s Lips” and “S.O.10 (G.U.T. Model)” to epic cuts from the difficult fifth album such as “Fizzy Lego”, “English Markell Pockett” and “Wipe Eel Magnet”.

So sit back, settle the cat, maybe think about your attitude a little, and enjoy…

All of the videos so far have been terrific, but this one’s my personal favourite.

I’m sharing it here just because I like making you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you gorgeous things.

Go on, treat yourself. Click the button. Seven minutes of happiness!

Best enjoyed with earphones and in full screen.

Still image and video via The History Of Gardening YouTube channel. Paul informs me that no copyright applies.

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