The Great Surrealist 2020 Do-Over

Going out on a limb here, I’m going to guess that your 2020 didn’t turn out to be the bundle of joy you were hoping for this time last year.

No do-overs? Wrong! You can still have the 2020 of your dreams with the Surrealist Almanac.

The brainchild of Australian Surrealist Tim White, the almanac was originally conceived as a set of predictions for a year that was still to come. Then shit happened, the project got delayed, and in the process it gained a whole new meaning: it became a vision of a year that should have been.

The gap between Surrealist utopianism and our dystopian reality is always poignant. In this case it’s positively heartbreaking.

But it’s in that gap, where we yearn for what should be, that new worlds arise.

Bursting with poetic texts, images and games contributed by Surrealists worldwide, the almanac is free to download as a pdf.

Credit: Surrealist Almanac 2020 cover with an image by Janice Hathaway, reproduced by permission.

Take a peek behind the veil.

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