Can You Do Your Bit To Keep Things Weird?

Love horror? Love weird? Love pulp?

Since you’re reading this blog, the chances are that you love at least one of those things, if not all three. And you’re not alone.

Well, in all honesty, you might be alone in reading this blog, whose stats are – ahem – niche. But you’re definitely not alone in loving weird pulp horror.

Some might even say we’re witnessing a new golden age of the (sub)genre. Much of it in digital formats, but some of it in gloriously pulpy print.

And it’s indie publishers who keep that freak flag flying. Those beautiful fools who rush in where mainstreams fear to tread, often with nothing in their purse but a little roll of shoestring.

Case in point: Weird Horror Magazine, launched to much joy last year by Undertow Publications.

But magazines like this operate on a budgeting knife edge. Which means they rely on people to buy the damn thing.

And not just to buy a copy every once in a while, but to actually subscribe, so that they know how much money they have for the year, and whether they can afford to keep printing copies and taking submissions into the future.

Weird Horror Magazine editor Michael Kelly has just reached out to everyone who bought issue 1 and encouraged us to subscribe so that he can keep going beyond issue 3.

Here’s what he says:

We want Weird Horror to be an ongoing source of great horror fiction and non-fiction. It’s no exaggeration to say that the next 2 issues go from strength to strength. With Black Static magazine winding down, and Cemetery Dance and Weird Tales seemingly on hiatus, there really is no reliable print horror magazine.

If you didn’t buy issue 1 (and so didn’t get his email), and if you love weird pulp horror, and if you’re not on your uppers (which I know a lot of folk are at the moment), then I encourage you to (a) buy issue 1 and (b) subscribe to issues 2 and 3 so that (c) Undertow can plan for issues 4 and 5.

The Weird Horror Magazine webpage is at

The subscription page is at

Keep it pulp, people!

Credit: Weird Horror Magazine issue 1 cover image from the Undertow Publications Facebook page, reproduced under fair use.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Do Your Bit To Keep Things Weird?

    1. Cool. Be interested to hear how you like issue 1. I actually thought the non-fiction was the best element, but I’m kind of agog to see how the project evolves over future issues.

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