The Storm In Sight

The Arabic Surrealist magazine The Room has released a video connected to its forthcoming issue 2.

Teaser trailer? Sizzle reel? It’s too long and way, way too intense to be either. Let’s call it an audiovisual trip.

Best enjoyed with the sound up high and the lights down low.

Video via Sulfur TV Surrealist Jungle YouTube channel

The Room, issue 2: Surrealism And Africa

Dedicated to Michel Zimbacca and Corey Bobco

Film by Mohsen Elbelasy and Ghadah Kamal
Music by Mustafa Tosh, Craig Wilson, Daniel O’Reilly, Laura Ingram Semilian and Mohsen Elbelasy
Music mixed by Mohsen Elbelasy
Poetry by Allan Graubard, Philippe Bouret, Evi Moechel, Ghadah Kamal, J. Karl Bogartte, Mohsen Elbelasy, Marc Aveyron, Sebastiàn Jiménez Galindo, Daniel O’Reilly, Cristina Botta and Ola Hussamo

Take a peek behind the veil.

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