Come Bask In My Orchidaceous Glow

My short story “Static” will appear next year in the anthology Abyss: Stories Of Depth, Time And Infinity, edited by CR Dudley and published by Orchid’s Lantern.

The full TOC has not yet been released, but according to the Orchid’s Lantern website the anthology is going to bring you:

high-impact experimental pieces, unique voices, streams of consciousness and fictional accounts of altered states. […] Extrapolations and interpretations of reality as we know it, or visions of drastic changes. […] Boundary-pushing, genre-bending, literary and speculative fiction. The entertaining will be juxtaposed – or combined – with the philosophical in this volume of big unknowns.

Which all sounds pretty damned good to me.

Orchid’s Lantern are a UK-based micro press specialising in metaphysical fiction. Abyss is the follow-up to their 2020 anthology Vast: Stories Of Mind, Soul And Consciousness In A Technological Age.

Abyss is currently slated for February 2022. I’ll keep you posted.

Image credit: “DeepDream image which started with white noise” by Martin Thoma, in the public domain.

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3 thoughts on “Come Bask In My Orchidaceous Glow

  1. Good news. I look forward to reading it. I hope you and Paul are well.

    Love, Janice


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