What’s New, What’s Next

Deep down below in the bardo of books, I’m hard at work on a new novel. So watch this space!

(Don’t watch it too long, though, in case it turns into an abyss. We all know what happens when you watch one of those.)

But while you’re waiting for the novel, how about some short fiction?

“Alarm Call” is free to read on ergot.

“Static” appears in in Abyss: Stories Of Depth, Time And Infinity, edited by CR Dudley (Orchid’s Lantern, 2022).

“The Objective” appears in Dark Lane Anthology Volume 10, edited by Tim Jeffreys and Robert Pope (Dark Lane Books, 2021).

Want more? Browse my back catalogue. Poetry, prose, an experimental novella, and a bangtail of a Surrealist western. You can even download some of it for free.

Take a peek behind the veil.

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