Hypothesis: Sea-apes become poets when touched by fire. Method: Be born in wax. Pool and rumble in eddies of proteins. Eat clams. Walk upright with volcanoes at your feet. Count the vertebrae on your wrinkled fingers. Observations: Doulas draped like seals collect the wax and mould it into the shapes of the mothers’ fears (this … Continue reading Vernix

Long Stay

Haven’t an earthly No not a single As the gladys-hound lopes through the carpark Long-stay or nettle-wise And all the foam surging beneath the pretty bonnets

Deadwax Inscriptions

Deadwax Inscriptions by Merl Fluin Released by Head Louse Press Limited edition of 100 numbered paper copies in hand-decorated sleeves, privately circulated Also available as a free downloadable e-book in pdf, mobi and epub formats